We need to Socialize

Discover a new way to interact and play eatch other in the socialize multiverse !

What is The Socialize Franchise ?

  • virtual universe

     Socialize is a set of virtual universe, on those universes you can play a new life and let your imagination run wild, our goal is to reach 4 000 players maximum on every miniverse (game server) 

  • Free to play

    Every Socialize metaverse is free to play, we just have to choose the universe you want and download it, then enjoy your journey!

  • New roleplaying experience

     For roleplay enthusiasts, we truly think that the actual roleplaying experience is the precursor of the metaverse and we deeply want to give a better roleplaying experience to everyone!

  • Live your dreams

    You can accomplish all your dreams in our virtual universe without any real consequences in an unlimited way!

  • Alone or with friends

    You can play alone or bring your friends on this fantastic journey! You will also make new friends

Socialize in numbers

  • 5+ Passionate developers

    Our dedicated team is working hard on the Socialize franchise.

  • 4+ Games planned

    We have already more than 4 games planned waiting for the required funds and new recruitments.

  • 6+ Opened positions

     We are actively hiring, game devs and artists in France, if you want to join check our job board. 

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We are hiring 🚀

We are actively hiring, game devs and artists in France, if you want to join check our job board

The Socialize Franchise

Discover all our multiverse


Socialize: 2023 - Alpha start soon

A realistic modern-day universe

Socialize: Kingdom

A realistic medievial universe

Socialize: Starship

A futuristic space universe

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