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Huge persistent world

Every action you take in the huge open world of Socialize is persistent!

Police and Crimes

Join the criminals to make a huge amount of money with some risks or join the cops to make this world a better place.

Realistic economy

Gather ressources, craft, make you own business, sell to other players or work for the city.


You can purchase any house, flat, building of Socialize, there is no instances, you are the only one to possess your house. Make anything you want with it!

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We make new test-sessions every week, join us to keep updated!

First district Blockout done ✔️

Hi Socializers!Today Camille finished the first district Blockout of Socialize!Here are more screenshots for you :Here is a parking Blockout (vehicle announcements coming soon).The city bank Blockout!And some pubs, to chill with friends.Now that our first district Blockout is done, we start replacing all the placeholders by really nice assets, make sure to follow us on twitter (https://twitter....

Working on the new map Blockout!

Today, Camille started to work on the Blockout of our new city!Here are some screenshots of the Blockout phase!And, the market!Want to try it as soon it's ready?Join our mailing list and our discord to be notified when the tests starts!